Modern and Luxury, The First Jaguar & Land Rover Showroom Has Officially Open

The showroom provides advanced facilities and features for clients

PT JLM Auto Indonesia, as an importer and the sole distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover in Indonesia, for the first time, proudly inaugurated the official showroom of Jaguar Land Rover through the "Grand Opening Showroom Jaguar Land Rover - Bringing the New Concept of Modern Luxury” event at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta on 26 January 2023.

This showroom was built on a 1,512.12 m² with a large parking area and equipped with various facilities and features, including an EV charging station. This facility can be used for electric vehicle users, especially Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle owners. In addition, this showroom is also equipped with personalization studios as a facility for clients who want to personalize their vehicle, starting from the type or variant, body color (paint), wheel size and rims, colors and interior materials, to ornament or veneer along with the desired feature options.

The team in Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific through Royston Low as Network Development Director Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific congratulates PT JLM Auto Indonesia and PT Indomobil Trada Nasional for opening the new Jaguar Land Rover retail facility. He said that delivering quality service to our discerning clients is the brand’s central focus. Hence, with the opening of the new retail facility, the clients can now look forward to receiving a quality retail experience in a pleasant and modern luxury environment in Indonesia.

Khoo Shao Tze as the Managing Director of Indonesia from Inchcape Motor was very pleased to announce the partnership with JLR in the Republic of Indonesia. Inchcape is the largest independent automotive distributor globally with operations in more than 40 markets, started in 1799 and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1953, Inchcape is an FSTE250 with more than 20,000 colleagues globally. Inchcape Motor and Indonesia had a relationship for more than 5 decades and extend to 15 markets globally, including Europe, the UK, APAC, the Americas, and Africa. Indonesia is the largest TIV market for PVs in ASEAN and an important market for Inchcape. The inauguration of the Jaguar Land Rover showroom marks a new milestone in JLR & Inchcape relationship.

President Director PT JLM Auto Indonesia, Gerry Kertowidjojo is grateful and proud of the showroom inauguration. The showroom has 5 Service Bays that are ready to be used for inspection and repair for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and also provides 4 EV charging stations for charging Jaguar and Land Rover electric vehicles. Not only that, PT JLM Auto Indonesia has invested in a certified technician & training facility that guarantees the quality of the mechanics, so that the clients can rest assured that their vehicles are being handled by certified experts who are trained according to their competence.

The inauguration of the first Jaguar and Land Rover showroom in Indonesia will provide the best service to clients, especially loyal Jaguar and Land Rover owners in Indonesia. The existence of mechanic training facilities will ensure the availability of Jaguar Land Rover-certified mechanics, either through continuous competency improvement, increasing the number of mechanics, or mechanic regeneration.

Furthermore, this showroom also offers a wide collection of branded merchandise & accessories for clients who see Jaguar and Land Rover as not just vehicles, but a lifestyle. Accessories are interpreted as supporting the function or hobby of the vehicle owner, meanwhile branded goods are a symbol of the actualization or status of the vehicle owner who is proud of his life achievements. The other benefit that can be felt by the clients is a luxurious client lounge which can provide comfort and a relaxed atmosphere for the clients when looking for a reference, customization, or discussion with our sales consultants.

Gerry also said that the showroom has special tools & genuine parts for Jaguar Land Rover which can provide clients with a sense of security and quality assurance. The aim is for the clients to be able to entrust the maintenance of their vehicles which are handled with standard specific equipment and genuine Jaguar Land Rover parts. As an authorized importer, PT JLM Auto Indonesia provides clients with an official warranty program for new vehicles which is 5 years, with previously only 3 years. Currently, every purchase of a new vehicle is included with an extended warranty for an additional 2 years. This is a standard service that PT JLM Auto Indonesia provides together with PT Indomobil Trada Nasional - Jaguar Land Rover authorized retailer in Indonesia to provide comfort and peace of mind for loyal clients.